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My movement practice is currently focused less on 'choreographed' dancing, and more on intuitive, improvisational movement—and it's my medicine. Part of my self-care routine if you will. And furthermore, I'm curious about how movement can become a part of community-care practices as well. One way I explore this is through writing performance scores. I am excited about how anyone can pick up one of my scores and determine how their movements and actions develop throughout the process. I hope people feel guided by my score, but ultimately still feel agency over their body and movements. I deeply commit myself to prioritize humanity over materiality throughout my work, and score writing aligns with this value of mine. 

Shown below are two zines comprised of scores and images of mine. The first, was written in 2020 during a virtual art residency with Holly & The Neighbors (Chicago, IL). The second is a 2018 collaboration with Kevin Allen Schwenkler during our time at the Saari Residence in Mynamaki, Finland. See more from our time in Finland.

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