Artist Statement:


Through performance, installation, and sculpture I create visual cycles that investigate societies use of movement and how shared experiences of moving can develop a deeper empathy between bodies. Pedestrian movements: those are the moves our body learns first. But how do these movements develop alongside and amongst other bodies? These questions stem from my desires to reformat intentional listening practices that typically exercise sense of sound, into a movement practice that creates a deeper level of body communication. In my recent work as a social media strategist, a key tactic is to engage in “social listening” as a way of learning about the content that’s most likely to maximize our channel’s reach and engagement. What does this social listening look like in a physicalized form? I’m excited about creating an energy exchange that allows bodies to honor their differences while simultaneously creating a shared experience. In my recent work, I facilitate this experience through written scores and interactive workshops. 


My interest in scores lies in the ability to question power dynamics within traditional performer, choreographer structures. I write my scores in a way that allows the performer(s) to determine how their movements and actions develop throughout the process. They are granted a level of agency in this way. I deeply commit myself to prioritize humanity over materiality throughout my work, and that’s where this interest in scores lies. 


In workshops, I provide participants with tools such as speed, tempo, length, and source of movement to encourage an investigation of the body and all of its intricacies. The breathing exercises that I lead focus in on a visualization of a sphere that rotates and moves with the breath, massaging sore muscles. Through these community practices, I hope to create a space where empathy is at the forefront.