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With a background in dance and sculpture, it makes sense that I would be attracted to farming. Using my body to grow the things that then nourish my body is a cycle that I can get behind. Plus it just feels good — being outside and digging my hands in some dirt, planting seeds and having the sun beat on my skin. Currently, I work at Hazel Witch Farm in Mechanicsville, Virginia (Chickahominy and Powhatan land), founded by Ash Hobson Carr, who has taught me most of what I know about growing. I feel lucky to have learned so much from a woman farmer, and hope to continue that energy moving forward. Someday I hope to be growing the majority of the things that I put into my body. My dream is to not have to rely on big corporations to keep me and my loved ones alive.

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Shown above is me using a broadfork on a bed at HWF.

Shown below are a few images of other things I've grown / made in my backyard.

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