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Hi y'all! I'm Lindsay (they/she). I'm an artist, farmer and educator currently residing in so-called Richmond, Virginia (Powhatan/Pumunkey land). There are many facets of my creative practice. I begin with my body, as a person who loves to move, through an improvisational movement practice. Then, I extend into my neighbors bodies, through movement scores, workshops and communal wet felting. My growing consists of food, flowers, medicinal herbs, compost and an ever-growing houseplant collection. I currently farm under the guidance of Ash Hobson Carr at Hazel Witch Farm in Mechanicsville, VA (Chickahominy and Powhatan land). Last but definitely not least, I’m half of the podcast Queer Retrograde with my pal Hobbes, where we chat with our queer fam about topics that make them tick.

Follow me on IG @ljparnell to stay up-to-date on upcoming events and workshops.


P.S. I also spend a decent amount of time each week as an organizing member of the Richmond Tenants Union, where we use our collective power to fight against landlords. You can follow RTU on social media @richmondtenants.

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